Team 15 - Enneapous

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Sebastian Magierowski

Team Members:

Project Description:

Our project is to create a simulation of an autonomous helicopter UAV using the Player/Stage platform, then implement path finding algorithms which allow the simulated helicopter to navigate an urban environment filled with obstacles. The simulated helicopter will be equipped with a laser range finder, allowing it to map its virtual environment. Once it has a map of the area, a global path planning algorithm will allow the helicopter to navigate intelligently. This algorithm functions by creating a vector field of potentials that point away from obstacles and towards the helicopter's goal. By following the lines of this vector field, the helicopter follows a coarse path to its destination. There is also a local planning algorithm, working in tandem with the global planner, which detects obstacles near the UAV and adjusts course if necessary, taking into account the aircraft's current speed and turning radius so as to prevent collisions. These algorithms work together to allow the UAV to autonomously travel from a starting position to a user-specified goal.


Meeting Minutes:

Project Plan:

Project schedule - Jan 15, 2010.